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Healing Scars

The Miraculous Formula To Heal Severe Burn Wounds, Keloids, Scars

Padanjali is an exclusive skin treatment centre.

Padanjali specializes in keloid treatment and burn healing. Padanjali provides ayurvedic herbal treatment using our special herbal balm for a wide range of skin problems which include Chicken Pox scars, burn scars, sun burn, operation scars (surgical scars), diabetic ulcers, diabetic non healing wounds, skin irritation, skin cuts and skin dryness. Padanjali offers an alternative treatment for skin diseases like leukoderma or vitiligo, psoriasis, and eczema, that is purely herbal with no side effects. It offers miraculous scar removal in scars resulting from any skin problem.

Agnijith- Heals Burn Wounds, Removes Scars, Help Cure Keloids

Agnijith- Heals Burn Wounds, Removes Scars, Help Cure Keloids

A herbal product from Padanjaly Skin Treatment Centre.
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Resul Pookutty

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Balm for burns

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Balm for burns


An effective medicine for keloids

A keloid is a kind of scar. A keloid is firm, rubbery lesion, and may be reddish or dark in color, or it may be shiny, hard pink dome-shaped lump. Some keloids will be painful and pus may come out and turn it into wounds. Our herbal treatment is also effective in wound care of keloids.


Did you Know?

Eighty-percent of all burn injuries and deaths are preventable?

More than 250,000 children (ages 0-17) are burned each year?

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    Gurpreet Jackie Hayer
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