Burn Case Studies – Early Cases

Following are some of the important cases that were handled at Padanjali, during early stages after the clinic was started.

Case 01

Mr. Ramesh (39 Years) Sumangali House, Thaikkattukara P.O., Aluva, 683 106. (Appolo tyres, CL No. 182, Malamassery, Eranakulam.case_newI sustained burns on the arm from machine that had a temperature of 170 C and chemicals of equal temperature. I underwent allopathic treatment for fifteen days. No healing. Skin transplant was suggested. Consulted Padanjali on 12-4-2005. Treatment with Agnijith and supporting medicines was started. The wound started healing by 14-4-05. The progress continued steadily. There were weekly reviews by the doctor. By the middle of June the wounds had by and large healed. Treatment continued to regain the color of the skin. By the end o the third week of july the healing process was complete. The skin gradually regained its original color.

Case 02

48 Years
H-18, Sector-2
Orissa – 769006
He was a chemical engineer in a steel plant. In 1997 January 21 he got burned from hot flame from Rourkala steel plant. One month he was admitted in a hospital. His skin was grafted.

1. There are white patches spread over right hand
2. It was very difficult to bend his palm
3. It was very difficult to raise his hand
4. keloids are firmed and skin color was black

He came to Dr. Nair on 6/10/97 after allopathic treatment. He was admitted here a week. After 3 days treatment he got relif. His irritating tendency was reducing. keloids are also reducing. He was discharged on 13/10/97. Then he was an outpatient for 8 months. His difficulties such as palm movement and releasing of the hand was completely healed. White patches was also disappeared.

Case 03

Mr. Muhammed Ayoob
Malapuram Dist.
Kerala. India
Ph: 0493- 700528

A Haji pilgrim in Mecca on 1997 April 15, a victim of Mina tragedy escaped with his life but he had extensive burns on his back. In the leaping fire made worse by the strong winds made many people die. some Sudanese sheperds had saved his life. After a months treatment in private hospital he was about to go abroad for a skin graft and plastic surgery.

It was then he got to know about Dr. Nair, who treated him in his home in Edvanna. With his treatment the scars healed and he was able to return to his busy life..

Case 04

Mr. Anilkumar Verma
Qtr. No: B-50, Sector-5
Orissa, India
p3This man got burnt by the hot flames on 1997-january-21. He suffered colour variation of the face. Both his hands were swollen and changed white in colour. He had difficulty in moving his fingures. By Dr. Nair’s treatment he became all right. and is leading a happy life now.

Case 05

Mr. Sivadasan
Deputy Chief Engineer
KSEB Trivandrum.
Asramam [P.O]
Quilon [Dist]
Kerala, India
Phone: 0474 744755
p4Mr. Sivadasan was burned from a transformer in Kuwait. At that time he was working in Kuwait. He got burnt in November 1993, was treated one and half years in Kuwait. After long four years, on 7-10-97, he came to Dr. Nair. By that time he had under gone skin grafting and plastic surgery. Wounds on his cheek was not healed completely. His wounds healed and he got good benefits from Dr. Nair’s treatment.

Case 06

bab1bab2A three year old girl, who had suffered extensive burns when she fell into a vessel in which rice gruel was being cooked. when all herbal cures known to local physicians failed, Dr. Nair’s was reluctantly approached. His treatment turned out to be successful. Even the scars disappeared with in a few weeks.

Case 07

Kaveri, a sixth standard student and a native of Anamalai, says she is quite normal now. Kaveri was admitted with burns on her body caused by burning lamp. M.T. Vasudevan Nair, family friend informed them about the Agnijith treatment and subsequently she was admitted at padanjali.kv1



Case 08

NAMITHA [Not her real name]Even after spending Rs. 40 lakh on treatment, ‘Namitha’, a credit manager of Standchart in the Middle East, could not recover totally from the burns she suffered. But Dr. Nair’s treatment did the trick. Today she hugs her three year old child and says
“I have retained my touching sense and hopefully I might be able to get discharged after a couple of months.”

Namitha was admitted at Padanjali in July 2004, after being treated by renowned cosmotologists at UK and USA. She had even undergone treatment at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, for sometime. It was her father, a senior Air Force officer, who came to know of Padanjali and she was immediately brought to Kuttippuram, where she was cured completely.

“This man is ‘God’. He has given me a second birth”, she exalts.

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