Gurpreet Jackie Hayer

"An absolute surreal experience it’s been so far. Would never have believed it if I hadn’t tried it. I’ll be honest. I started the treatment at Padanjali with a mind full of sceptic expectations. After all, medical science had given their answer 17 years ago. Tried everything from pressure garments to silicon strips and creams ........ Nothing more can be done. Life of course went on as it must ........ and with it came both acceptance and appreciation.

Don’t get me wrong here, it wasn’t a case of ‘abracadabra’ and you’re healed. It takes a lot of patience and sacrifice as the treatment is painstakingly slow BUT let me add that it’s worth that effort.

After 10 months I both look and feel better. Everyone seems to notice that change and it’s not yet done. My visit to the Padanjali Ayurvedic Centre in Mallapuram; Kerala, was an absolute dream, as well as an awakening that sometimes in life all the answers we seek lie in the very places you least expected to visit and amongst those you had least expected to turn to.

Thank you all @ Padanjali; Dr Jyothish, Usha, Baby for your painstaking effort and sacrificing more than you’ll ever receive to make things better for those who have lived to tell the tales of survival. I am Burns Survivor."

Gurpreet Jackie Hayer
Chief Executive Advisor (Singapore)
CEO & Co-Founder (India)
ProXolutions Pte. Ltd.
Engineering & Advisory


I have retained my touching sense and hopefully I might be able to get discharged after a couple of months. This man is \'God\'. He has given me a second birth.